Mannheim Massacre bowl and snakerun contest – August 4./5. 2007

Mannheim Massacre

New year, new contest run for the Mannheim Massacre in Mannheim, Germany. The contest is based on a bowl and a snake-run competition. Last year a good old friend of mine, Tino Dittus, won the Jedi (Old Farts) class for Screwed Hardware. It seems that a lot of contests will be going on this weekend so I hope someone will flow some pictures over to us as I won’t be able to make this one!

Check the map below for directions:

Address: Beside the horse race track, Holzweg, Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld, Germany
[gmap name=’Mannheimmap’ lat=’49.452449′ lng=’8.561450′ width=’680′ zoom=’14’ desc=’Mannheim Massacre, Germany’]

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