Marc Johnson gets Epicly Laterd

Marc Johnson gets Epicly Laterd

If you skate and haven’t heard about Marc Johnson, then either you don’t care or you’ve been skating in a cave with absolutely no media around you for, let’s say, quite a few years.

He helped build up companies like Enjoi Skateboards, A-Team skateboards, Maple, Emerica, Direction wheels, Edward Sebastian clothing, Speed Demons and NC Boardshop. Skater Of The Year with Thrasher in 2007 and then his skating in the Lakai Fully Flared video only state a tiny part of the life of Marc Johnson.

Get a little more informed and listen to the man himself in the first two parts of his Epicly Later’d episodes.

Part 1: Epicly Later’d with Marc Johnson
Part 2: Epicly Later’d with Marc Johnson
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