Mark Frölich - Welcome Clip

Mark Frölich – Welcome To Team Forvert

Mark Frölich has been involved in skateboarding for ages and he’s basically a household name in the European skateboarding scene. After some moves in his sponsoring, he’s landed with Forvert which is based in Cologne, Germany and not only is he sponsored, he’s also taken on the job as the team manager.

A lot seems to be going on with Forvert which was already started back in 1998. They have a broad product focus so it will interesting to see how the new skate team develops. Mark Frölich has a lot of ideas already and if you can speak some German, head over to the SOLO Skateboard Magazine interview with him.

>> Check out the Forvert Online Store while you’re here – some cool shit!

Mark Frölich – Welcome Clip from FVT on Vimeo.

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