Marseille Skatepark, France

Well, do i really have to say much about this park? It is THE concrete park from the first hour in Europe which has attracted so many great skaters from around the world to have fun, chill and compete in competitions like the Quiksilver Bowlriders comps.

You have to go there to know what I am talking about. You’ll be hooked in around, say 2 minutes! So many different lines are possible so it doesn’t matter what level you are at – just skate it!

To find the park, take a look at our skatespot finder and look for Plages de la Vielle Chapelle when you are in Marseille. It’s right on the beach, about 50 yards from the ocean!

From any place in Marseille, take the subway to the “ROND POINT DU PRADO” station, once you get there, get out, and take the n°19 bus at the bus station (map n°3,the “M” indicates the subway’s station output)…stop at the “vieille chapelle” station, you’re done!


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