Matix Grey Daze in Deutschland recap

Grey Daze tour

A lot of good skaters have been on tour through Germany lately including the Matix team during the Grey Daze tour from Frankfurt to Berlin. Here’s the official news release plus some pics…

Jesus Fernandez, JB Gillet, Mikemo Capaldi, Torey Pudwill, Danny Brady, Marty Murawski, Mike Anderson, Lem Villemin and Vivien Feil experienced the “Grey Daze” Germany had to offer us on the recent Matix trip. The team started off at the Bright Tradeshow in Frankfurt where Mo had a release party for his upcoming signature Asher. Kids lined up to meet the Mo and get a free LTD Mo tee, given to them by Mo himself.

Matix skate tour through Germany

Saturday July 11th the team threw their signatures down on a stack of posters during their signing at Railslide Skateshop, while sipping black coffee. (The Railslide bro’s brewed up at their in-store coffee shop.) After three days in Frankfurt, burned out on tradeshow craze and the few cases of Becks the team had gone through, they packed their bags, crowded into a Euro-size rental van (which was small) and trekked to Berlin.

During their five-day stay in Berlin—no bank was left un-skated, no marble was left un-grinded and no beer was left un-opened. When you’re skating the most unique spots Berlin has to offer with some of our most talented Matix riders, you get a lot of stuff done. From a Titus “Zoopreme” store signing and a load of filming to shooting for a Monster Magazine article the 8-day stay has produced some good coverage available in the near future.

Click Here to check out Tony E’s Flick’r account for some photos from the trip.

Grey Daze tour flyer

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