Meanwhile 2 gap in London awaiting the bulldozers

Yes, you are reading correctly. The Meanwhile 2 gap is going to meet its untimely end, but not without a nice skate session! Crossfire is organizing a pre-demolition session in association with Globe and Almost. The whole thng takes place on Saturday, May 5th. Chris Haslam, Greg Lutzka, Cooper Wilt, Lewis Marnell and Torey Pudwill, plus most representatives of the UK will be on the scene.

The Element Manual Challenge will be taking Europe by a storm this year after the Finnish tech-wizard Janne Sarrio won the Bright Show competition for Element earlier this year. Check out the stops below:

check out Element’s MySpace site >

As I am shifting through the news that I find on the Net, I found this goodie from Mark Gonzales. It’s around 10 years old and shows him entertaining Germans in a museum in a pretty interesting suit to say the least.

adidas Skateboarding has recently created a You Tube page where you can check out all their recent videos in one place. Busenitz, O’Connor, Gonz, the am team, and flow team with Lem Villemin can all be seen there. It’s definitely worth the checkout.

And on not such a happy note: the late Shane Cross gets the title page in the June issue of Transworld Skateboarding. R.I.P. Shane.

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