Metallica headphones from Skullcandy

Metallica headphones from Skullcandy

Metallica is pushing it’s upcoming ninth album, “Death Magnetic” which will be released September 12th worldwide with a tour (special events planned for September 12th in Berlin and September 15th in London) and now through a collaboration with Skullcandy headphones. The partnership introduces Metallica-branded Skullcandy headphones, Metallica Hesh and Metallica Lowrider.

For those of you looking for new headphones – and of course loving Metallica – here is some of the tech data: The Metallica Hesh features 50mm high explosive power drivers, soft snake skin leather earpads, in line volume control and sound-boosting parabolic ear-cups. The Metallica Lowrider packs a monster 40mm power driver in a small lowrider chassis and includes smooth styling, 90 degree swivel, DJ-style speakers, and a unique fold-up headband for portability.

Good idea and those headphones just look dead good!

Skullcandy website
Metallica website

Metallica headphones from Skullcandy
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