Metropolitan Skateboards hit the streets with new products!

The relatively new company Metropolitan Skateboards located in Rouen, France has been working hard the last two years on their line-up of products and developing a skateboard company with credit. The newest skateboard decks and t-shirts will be put out on the market at the beginning of October 2007.

Already they have a team of three pro riders – Leander Geelhoed(Rotterdam), Anton Juul(Copenhagen), David Couliau(Nantes/Barcelona) – and four amateurs – Leo Valls(Bordeaux), Mathieu Levaslot(Nantes/Paris), Damien Marzocca(Grenoble), Matthieu Appin(Rouen) – who know who to strut their stuff on their boards.

All of Metropolitan’s production designs have received a special treatment from graphic artist Marke Newton who is already known for his work with Heroin and Chapman Skateboards. Funny, he was born in Burnley, England. Small town with that rad indoor pool and street area. Currently their products are available in selected French, Belgian und Dutch shops.

To get more info and to give them support, check out their site right here >> Metropolitan Skateboards Site

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