Michael Sieben’s ‘different’ adidas video promo

Michael Sieben adidas video

Michael Sieben has had his art – which often combines skateboard graphic design and children’s book illustrations – presented in a variety of formats including magazines, prints, on t-shirts, in art shows and now it seems also in a new shoe series edition from adidas.

Michael Sieben art

Marketing people sometimes get carried away a bit with the money they are allowed to invest in pushing new products and it looks like they had a fair bit for the promo video of the Michael Sieben designed shoes. The video shows Michael going on a treasure hunt with three characters most likely also created by Michael – people in costumes, not drawn. I’m not going to try to take the video apart and analyze it, just make sure you watch it because it is, well, slightly different!

Click Here for the entire video (you have to watch this!)

Michael Sieben’s website
adidas website
– Michael Sieben in Mumble Magazine

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