After close to 2 years out due to injury Micha? Jura? is back, scoping out treasures in the grittiest corners of Warsaw and charging harder that ever! Kuba Kaczmarczyk and Pawel Piotr Przybyl’s Neverwhere (the full length this section has been taken from) is available on DVD here and we can’t recommend it enough. It’s been 6 years in the making, features some of the most underrated skaters in Europe and we guarantee you won’t recognise 90% of the spots. Major props to everyone involved!

Michal Juras Video Part from “Everywhere”

Michal Juras has out of the skateboarding arena for almost two years due to an injury. But now he is more than back and you can see why for yourself after watching his video part from the outstanding “Everywhere” full length video. Ripping through the streets of Warsaw, Poland with his skills combined with the rad spots and the filming make this video we all should get.

Kuba Kaczmarczyk and Pawel Piotr Przybyl and the masterminds behind the “Everwhere” skateboard video jewel. It has been in the making for six years (!!!) featuring skaters most of us don’t even know. So dig into your pockets to get this DVD now (you can buy it here for only 50 zloty, that’s under 12€ …).

I have to send you over to the good guys at “Free Skate Magazine” to watch the video as it is not available to embed just yet: so click here to watch it!

Want to see more skating by Michal JurasThen click here for his part from the “Grey Area”.

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