Michi von Fintel on Rockers Hardware

Michi von Fintel on Rockers Hardware

Yeah, the city of Hamburg, Germany does have quite a few very talented skaters and a number of skateboard / hardware companies as well which always makes it fun for me to give them a push on the site with Hamburg being my current hometown of 9 years running.

You never heard of Michi von Fintel? Well now you have and he’s definitely a skater to watch. I’ve seen him grow up very fast in the past few years, gaining amazing skills and even more style on his board. And now Rockers Hardware have brought him aboard their team, word up – check out their brand new website as well!

– check out these sequences from the Hamburg indoor park, done in a 40 minute session!
– Michi von Fintel short interview on the Rockers Hardware site, love the pic of him jamming on the guitar with Ray Barbee!

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