Mike Vallely takes over Mexico City

Mike Vallely takes over Mexico City

Mike Vallely has been around for a long time in the skateboard arena so he’s seen his share a strange or different occurances. Not to mention his concerts with his band “Revolution Mother” attracting larger groups of people but what went down during his recent trip to Mexico City is something that is pretty amazing.

Mike Vallely anda large group of fans!

He basically went down there to endorse some products – got to make a living so fair game – and skate a show. Well, Mike V. seems to have a ton of fans down there because after giving what looks like 30 interviews, waiting for the crowd to be controlled and then eventually having the show called off due to security problems, it turns out that around 120,000 people had turned up just to see him!

Make sure you read the comments on the SLAP Magazine board, as usual funny as hell. I cab only say that I met up and talked to him and his band members quite casually after a show in Hamburg a while back and he’s a quite relaxed guy to hang out with. All the slack he gets is just a lot of people being bored with their own lives but who would admit to that, right?

– Check out all of the pictures on Mike V’s MySpace site

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