Mikey Taylor and Sean Malto ride for etnies shoes now

Mikey Taylor and Sean Malto ride for etnies

The rumours were flying all over the net again so etnies made sure we all get the story “right”…at least part of it. Yes, Mikey Taylor and Sean Malto ride for etnies. Whatever else is happening behind the scenes is still up in the air and I’m not going to start making assumptions. But reading through the blog over at etnies about is hilarious!

I mean, okay, I’ve got a day job, then I work on this site a lot and I also go skating pretty often and have some extra curricular activities going on the side. SOME people out there seem only to prey on announcements like this to be able to vent their incredible anger at skaters and call them sell outs for changing a team. What the f&%k?????!!!! Man, get a life, go skateboarding, do something, just stop moaning about other people. Pro skateboarders earn their living with skateboarding, get it? And if they get a better deal for whatever reason, that’s their business…you don’t HAVE to buy the shoes now do you? Amazing, some people just don’t get it…

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