Milano Rages

Milano Rages

Milano Rages is a collaboration film between Chef Family and Magenta Skateboards which takes place in the streets of Milan, Italy: the second-most populated city in Italy which is located in the northern part of the country.

Magenta Skateboards also has a short write-up with some photos by Manuel Schenck< /strong> about the tour, so check it out here after you’ve watched the video bewlow.

Featuring skateboarding by Soy Panday, Manuel Schenck, Glen Fox, Lui Araki, Leo Valls, René Olivo, Diego Garcia Dominguez, Andrea Di Liddo, Gianluca Mariani, Mattia Turco, André Lucat, Tom Caridi, Gaspare Gentile, Kristoffer Malana & Fabrizio Bonvicino.

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