Minuit – French Skateboarding At Midnight

Minuit - French Skateboarding At Midnight: watch the trailer!

MINUIT-a skateboarding film by Yoan Taillandier

“Minuit” is the French word for midnight. I think just about anybody gets the idea behind this movie trailer after that – yeah, it’s all filmed at night. If it was really all filmed around midnight – hmmm, maybe Yoan can tip us off! Featuring Masaki UI, Alex Richard, Antoine Roussel, Sebastien Daurel, Leo Valls, Quentin Sene, Gaetan Salvignol, Gautier Rouger, Antoine Riviere, Soy Panday, Carlos Young, Akira Imamura and many more talented skaters. This film is scheduled for release in 2010 – sometime. Looking good!

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