MoFo video “Love Street”

MoFo video Love Street

Cruising the web is sometimes the only way to find some of the less known goodies, especially if the people involved are not in the big international mags or websites. If I gathered enough from my rather bad French skills, there’s a group of French videographers/skaters out of Montpellier, France going by the name of MoFo which have put together their third skate video with parts from – for me unknown but yet again damn good skaters – Boris Poust, Fabien Zuffo, Julien Mulero, Alexis Greussard, Colin Lecorvaisier, Julien Merour and Joseph Biais.

This almost 40 minute goodie is available for free right here so enjoy. And for those of you who want to practice their French, check out the MoFo site here.

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