Monday Morning Top Three videos

Monday Morning Top Three videos

After a pretty much laid back weekend it’s time to get things rolling again with three new videos to get the week started:

The first one in here is a close to 9 minute Matix Lord Of The Lines 2009 edit from Toronto, Canada – watch and learn how to move your feet fast with this one, watch it here.

Moving across the Atlantic we all land in Norway for Part 5 of Eurotrashed series from VOX Footwear including a “introducing” segment for Gustav Tonnesen, watch it here.

Corey Duffel, Caswell Berry, Shuriken Shannon, Jimmy Carlin, Everen Stallion and Alex Mizurov headed to Canada to meet up with their Canadian counter parts Lee Yankou, Gab Lalande, Dustin Monte, and Mitch Barrette for a little tour through the western part of Canada. Watch Part 4 of 4 here.

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