Mounting light mods with speed straps

Mounting light mods with speed straps

Yet again Strobist comes with yet another great article about how to attach light mods to your flash with so-called speed straps. This has been a DIY job for a long time with many photographers having their own personal preference in attaching a mod. David Hobby also goes a lot further to explain how you can make one of these speed straps yourself just by using an old bike inner tube.

The article includes a whole list of DIY possibilities for us to try out so if you are a bit bored then get to work! All of the links are in the article on Strobist itself.

:: DIY Cardboard Snoots and Gobos ::
:: DIY Tupperware Diffuser ::
:: DIY Household Sync Cord Extension ::
:: $10 Macro Studio Box ::
:: Two-Cent Micro Studio ::
:: HD RIng Flash Adapter ::
:: $8 Flat-Fold Ring Light ::
:: Coffee Can Point-and-Shoot Ring Flash ::
:: Engineer Lamp Light Stand ::
:: Ball Bungee Softbox/Speedlight Mount ::
:: PVC Speedlight Aqua Housing ::
:: OMG DIY Off-Camera TTL Cord ::
:: DIY Beauty Dish ::
:: DIY Cardboard Grid Spots ::
:: DIY Macro Strip Lights ::

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