relaunches their site! relaunch has just relaunched their site and a major overhaul can be easily seen from the very first page. The site has
dropped the dark look and feel to go with a light white background, simple navigation elements and a well thought through user navigation through the site. Videos, TV, Photos, Local and Forum are the main navigation points with an extra vertical navigation are on the left side of the sided if you want to dive in deeper.

I personally like the “Videos being watched right now” area which follows a principle user interface functionality already implemented in a slightly larger site, YouTube. So we know this funcion and it acts as a type of suggestion box for me when I just want to see what other people are interested in. And as most of us don’t mind watching other sport videos, this is a really good place to spend some time watching videos.

And of course there are the other areas : photos which offers a great place to find other photographers and hooh up, the TV area with the specialized shows, the Local area which is a really well done map for sport spots which will definitely grow with time and of course the Forums which are always a good place to get information directly from the source or any rumours which are floating around. I’ve been using and working with for over a year now and it’s good to see this site growing and developing all the time.

And currently the team is running a $1,000 giveaway until May 8th for the three most popular videos so upload yours to win some cash! Find out more here:

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