Muckefuck Skateboards 2008 decks out now

More new products to check out, this time from the Austrian company “Muckefuck Skateboards”. Their new boards for 2008 have arrived with 5 designs between 7.5 and 8.5 inch (pictures below). They also tend to the pool riders out there which are growing in the numbers by bringing out a special 8.625 inch wide “pool board” with a square tail.

Stay tuned for more about Muckefuck as they have plans for limited edition boards which will be sold with their very own “Muckefuck Beer”, how cool is that??

Muckefuck Skateboards 2008 board series

Muckefuck skateboard series 2008

Muckefuck Skateboards pool board

Muckefuck special pool board

While you are at it check out some new video clips of Mathäus Zingerle, Ralf Edlinger and their new flow team rider Johannes Astleitner. Probably never heard of these guys but isn’t that happening almost every day? Good to see the amount of great skating going on around the globe.

Muckefuck Skateboards website

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