Munich BE(A)ST Sessions 2015 - Hirschgarten Bowl

Munich BE(A)ST Sessions 2015 Contest Video

After 30 years in Germany I was invited to spend a whole day for free at the world famous Oktoberfest so I got smashed and had a blast. Just a couple of days before I was there the Munich BE(A)ST Sessions 2015 took place at the Hirschgarten Bowl skatepark on Saturday, September 19th 2015.

The bowl / concrete landscape is big for German standards and the level of skateboarding was keeping the session intense. Nice to see the young guy Tyler Edtmayer coming away with the win after spending six weeks in the USA skating everything in sight, Johannes Haist took second and Lukas Axmann rode away in third place.

Munich BE(A)ST Sessions 2015 – Hirschgarten Bowl 19.09.2015 from Skateboarding München e.V. on Vimeo.

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