Music Check-Out: Strung Out – Agents Of The Underground

Music Check-Out: Strung Out - Agents Of The Underground

For those of you who are into punk music Strung Out is a band to know that has been around since 1992. Sure, it’s not like we are expecting something amazingly new with this latest full length release (seventh studio album and 13th release on the Fat Wreck Chords label) “Agents Of The Underground” but they continue to put together a strong mix of fast drums, gripping melodies and the always present guitars which will get me to the next show here in Hamburg. Here and there it gets a bit close to the so-called pop-punk type of sound but still, good work guys!

This record has already been out since the end of September 2009 so yeah, I’m behind on this check-out but whatever – go listen in yourself!

» Strung Out MySpace website

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