Music Checkout – Over Stars And Gutters

Music Checkout - Over Stars And Gutters

Took a bit to get back to putting some new music on the site but good things take a while sometimes. As I have a bunch of time on my hands, I’ve been finding a bunch of new sites and bands which has been making these wintery days just that little bit better. One great site I came across is Bandcamp which offers a platform for bands to offer their music to the public for free listening (no 30 second songs, the whole thing here!) and a simple payment program is also offered.

The band that really caught my attention is “Over Stars and Gutters” which just joined the “Black Numbers” label and their latest recording which is due out on January 12th, 2010 was recorded by Stephen Egerton (who recorded the Static Radio EP but is better known for his time in Descendents and ALL), Over Stars and Gutters debut full length reissue for fans of gritty punk rock ala Hot Water Music. Great sound, honest punk rock with no extras – get your ears over to their digital shop, listen in and even buy the record at the price you want!

» Black Numbers Record Label website

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