Music Tip: Anchor Arms

Music Tip: Anchor Arms

Starting the day off on Europeskate with a *drum roll* music tip! No way but true. I seem to hooked on Gainesville, Florida right now. Listen in to “Anchor Arms” right here…

Here’s how they introduce themselves:

“After years of toiling in relative obscurity, Gainesville’s ANCHOR ARMS burst onto the rock scene in late 2007 following a successful tour of America’s heartland opening up for Jon Bon Jovi’s solo project. The ARM’s singer/songwriter/lite beer drinker Jim Austin relates a now infamous story from the band’s early years: “A lot of people don’t know this, but that line in ‘Dead or Alive’ where Jon sang ‘I’ve seen a million faces/and I’ve rocked them all-‘ well, that was a line from a now-deceased ARMS song called ‘Torpedos.’ We went ahead and let them use it, and now we’re best of friends. Richie Sambora is totally rad.” When not providing assistance to aging rockers, the threesome enjoys long bike rides in the Florida sun, the sound of frogs after the rain, and planting trees for local retirement centers. “We just want to give back to this community that has given so much to us,” says sometime-sober guitarist Craig Godman. The band’s teenage-phenom drummer Brian Bowers agrees. “We’re buds with pretty much everyone here. Everyone loves us, and we love everyone.” ANCHOR ARM’s newly-released 7″, entitled “Milligrams,” is currently available at all Virgin Megastores worldwide, and also at Wayward Council (locals only) in Gainesville. A globe-spanning tour of world domination is in the works, and will surely be visiting a 30,000+ seat arena in your city soon.”

Record label: Kiss Of Death Records

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