Music Tip – Anti Vigilante “Tempest”

We’re finally back with a new music tip for you but the wait was worth it in my opinion as I can’t believe I haven’t found and heard this band yet. Anti Vigilante from Milton Keynes in the UK pack a massive punch with a solid mix of ska, punk and metal in both the music and in the vocals. Their latest full length effort entitled “Tempest” throws a 11 songs in your face rounding it off with the title “Quam Minimum Credula Postero” or “All things must die” which is obvious but good to make everybody think about it once and while to make sure you are living it up.

A big thumbs up from Europeskate to Anti Vigilante, hope they make it over to Germany some day soon! Listen to the entire album right here and support them if you like the sound!

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