Music Tip with Ex-Breathers ‘Collision’

Music Tip with Ex-Breathers - Collision

Damn, December 2012 just passed me by with illness and all of that Christmas stuff – time for a new bad recommendation!

Here’s Ex-Breathers with their first full length LP ‘Collision’. Funny (and almost sad) but it’s only available on cassette, something for a band with this power and sound which just would not happen in Europe, they need a fucking record, come on record companies! Ex-Breathers are a three piece band from Tallahassee, Florida who formed in 2011. The band cites Husker Du, Mission Of Burma, Poison Idea, and Quicksand as their main influences. Ex-Breathers play a combination of hardcore, punk, and noise rock influenced music with massive vocals which are not screamo which I personally like as you can actually understand something without having to have the lyrics in your face. Find out yourself and listen in right here!

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