Music Tip: OFF! Featuring Keith Morris

Music Tip: OFF! Featuring Keith Morris

I’m sure that I have a pretty narrow “target group” with the music recommendations I post on Europeskate but it’s the music I’m into so I won’t be venturing off into electronic wastelands or trying to show you how down I am with hip hop etc. Just mostly guitars, drums and loud vocals for me.

I just found OFF!, a great band which was formed in Los Angeles, California in late 2009 by Circle Jerks/Black Flag singer Keith Morris, Burning Brides frontman Dimitri Coats, Redd Kross bassist Steven Shane McDonald, and Rocket From The Crypt/Hot Snakes drummer Mario Rubalcaba. This means A LOT of experience gathered in one band and I have to say, if the video to “Upside Down” is a good representation of the rest of the music that these guys are putting together for their 2010 autumn release entitled “First Four EPs” (the collection contains sixteen songs divided amongst four releases), I’m already excited to get my hands on the goods!

The video features skating from the Slave Skateboards team by the way…

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