Music Tip: Revolution Mother starring Mike Vallely

“If you’re always up and you’re always willing to go out there to make things happen, you’re glory bound,” says Revolution Mother vocalist and pro skater Mike Vallely. “It’s a general statement about the life that I’ve lived and that I’ve chosen for myself. And it’s very direct about where we are with the band.”

Mike Vallely has been pushing the limits of skateboarding for many years now, more than some of the readers of Europeskate have even reached yet. But he has not stopped trying to break other boundaries and continues to show his talent in other artistic forms such as music. He started off with Mike V and The Rats and moved on with his former guitarist Jason Hampton to form Revolution Mother in 2005 bringing out the 2006 release of its debut five-song EP, Enjoy The Ride.

Revolution Mother changed its line-up later in 2006, adding bassist Colin Buis (Twilight Transmission, Mean Season) and drummer Brendan Murphy (also from Twilight Transmission) which quickly led up to the recording of the newest album, Glory Bound.

Currently Revoultion Mother is touring through Europe from September 28th till October 23rd with Funeral for a Friend. You will also be able to meet up with Mike V. personally as they are setting up Meets and Greets at a local skate shop near you.

I can only recommend this record. It’s got what a good rock n roll/metal/punk rock band has to have: it sounds damn real! Check out more at the Revolution Mother website here…

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