Music Tip – The Real Danger

Music Tip - The Real Danger

Rainy outside today and I have a day off (yeah, another German holiday) so I’m checking out bands I haven’t heard of much before like I do once and a while. Today I seem to be in a melodic punk mood as the guys from “The Real Danger” out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands have really made it into my skull while I’m typing away on my laptop. Easy going music, no frills, just straight forward easy listening music with some good vocals and a band that backs it up well. Listen in to some of their latest efforts right here and I’ve thrown in a video clip as well.

Oh yeah, they have an upcoming release of their second full-length album, ‘Making Enemies’. The album consists of 11 brand new songs, a re-recording of the song ‘Someday soon’ and a cover song as well. A total of 13 songs. Let’s see if also head over towards Hamburg?

» The Real Danger website

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