Music Tip – Threat Signal new record Vigilance

Threat Signal - Vigilance

Trying to keep myself on schedule with at least one new music update daily to keep the area moving and I again couldn’t resist plugging in some heavier tunes into the site for you to listen to. Threat Signal has recently brought out their latest release entitled “Vigilance” and are proving with it that they can back up their earlier releases with even more powerful musical combinations. The Canadian metal powerhouse took their time with this album and the result is just mind shattering – listen in while you can on their MySpace page as the entire album is being streamed (as of September 6th 2009).

You can buy the new Vigilance album September 8th 2009 in America and September 11th 2009 in Europe. And to let you find out more about this great band, watch the “Making of Vigilance” video right here!

Record Label Europe: Nuclear Blast

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