Europeskate Music Tip October 20th 2015

Music Tips – Europeskate October 20th 2015

Time to get this part of Europeskate and my own wish for music recommendations started again – I’ve been bombarded by loads of friends lately with these “suggest 7 of your favorite songs/bands” lately and I really don’t like that stuff – more of the “follow the leader shit” so I’m just adapting it for my own fun and listing now in intervals I like.

Let’s kick the reborn Europeskate Music Tips off with these bands and their songs which have left an impression on me for life – no best songs, just great music and bands. Love to hear what everybody has to say. Here we go, hope you find something you like. I’ll be continuing this series with a lot of new and more unknown bands..

Cro Mags – We Gotta Know
Either you know them or you don’t – one of the best hardcore bands ever

Slayer: Rainless Blood
What can I say…fuck yeah!!!

Dead Kennedys – California Über Alles
Once agin, no need to introduce Dead Kennedys. If you you don’t know them…ummm, then find out who they are kids. This is history and damn good music!

Iron Chic: The Contant One (Album)
I discovered these guys in 2012 and they were a big part of my evenings/nights while I was building up the United Skateboard Photography Project. They just rock and groove- let them take over your stereo for a few days, it’s just good!

Suicidal Tendencies: You Can’t Bring Me Down
Always loved this band and this song has followed me forever…

Pantera – Walk
No need for any comments – Pantera kicks ass all the time!

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name
Are you serious? What is this crap with bands saying shit about this band – they left one of the biggest impressions EVER!

Slipknot – Psychosocial
Just watch them live – one of the best big metal band ever..if you don’t agree, whatever 🙂

Lagwagon – Obsolete Absolute
I just this song because I found it fast with a video but as many of Lagwagon’s songs, they have left a huge impression on me and I love what they do – killer live band and great musicians.

Death By Stereo – Rejected
I just love the singing and the entire song composition with Death By Stereo – and they killed it live when I aw them – hope they stay tough and don’t get soft!

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