Nassim EMillion Skateboarts

Nassim Lachhab – Welcome To EMillion Skateboarts

EMillion Skateboarts is a skate company from a city called Bad Tölz which is just south of Munich, Germany. Founded in 2007 they have managed to put together quite a skate team with Alex Mizurov (German Street Champion 2015), Ben Dillinger, Christoph Radtke, Fabian Lang, Kai Schweizer, Michael “Fitsch” Tan, Norbert Szombati and Thomas Weber plus on EMillion Wheels Daniel Spiegel (Austria) and Erik Groß.

As it happens in good skate teams they continue to grow and make new friends in other countries. Nassim Lachhab is originally from Morocco and just moved to France to study. The 18 year old obviously fills in the time between studying with a lot of skateboarding. So welcome to the EMillion Skateboarts team Nassim! And yeah everybody, it’s not a typo – that’s the way the brand name is written!

Welcome to the team Nassim! from EMillion Skateboarts on Vimeo.

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