New BROKEN Magazine Issue 9

New BROKEN Magazine issue 9 out now

Thank whatever that there are still skaters and individuals still putting in the effort to bring out publications/media/whatever that still pushes the feeling of skateboarding as it should be: plain fun! Broken Magazine has just brough out issue #9 with 36 pages packed with articles about 50 states of skate, new skateparks which made me drool, pools from Peanut, great photos from all over the world. and as usual the entertaining writing inside.

Nick Gates (the man behind the magazine) keeps it real and I did enjoy the editorial/blotter at the beginning which talks about some idiot actually carving or trying to carve the word “Thrasher” into his hand. Dumb thing is he forget the first “r” and tried to change it afterwards. Nice mess there forever “Thasher Man” – oh man, one could actually feel sorry for him. Or maybe not…

Just click on the issue #9 cover below to download the PDF (it’s over 6 MB but it’s worth the wait!)

Broken Issue #9
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