New concrete skatepark in Hertford, England

Concrete skatepark in Hertford

Always good news to hear about a new concrete skatepark being built for skaters anywhere in the world. And yet another one has gone up and will be open to the public in a few weeks according to the UK Skateboarding Association website. We were cheeky enough to borrow some pictures off their site (make sure you visit the site please!) and show you where Hertford is on the map.

The bowl was inspired by the Fitzroy Bowl in Australia with a 4.5 foot shallow end and a 5 foot “deep” end. By the look of the pictures it could be a lot of fun, depending of course on the surface and the speed. East Herts County Council spent £100,000 to get Freestyle Skateparks to build the park. We hope somebody out there will let us know about it. In the meantime enjoy the pictures!

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Hertford skate bowl picture 1

Hertford skate bowl picture 2

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