New concrete skatepark in Plauen, Germany

Plauen skatepark opening

Germany is really moving forward at a fast pace in the last few years with concrete parks. Back when I came over from the States in 1985 (yes children, I am an old fart but I skate better than ever before!) no one I knew had skated concrete other than on a normal street. It seems that the parks are popping up all over the place now.

Situated in Germany’s east, Plauen is close to Chemnitz and Leipzig. The park will have a bowl and a complete skate plaza. Just the construction pictures make me want to pack my bags and get down there. I’ll be in Stuttgart that weekend, darn!
Plauen skatepark, Germany

If you want to get out there to skate here’s the address: Neustadtplatz, 08523 Plauen, Germany. If you need more information just contact the guys over at AREA241 (really nice website) or David.Hellmann AT gmx DOT de – check the map below to see where the park is located:

[gmap name=’Plauenmap’ lat=’50.87531′ lng=’12.150878′ width=’680′ zoom=’14’ desc=’Plauen skatepark, Plauen, Germany’]

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