New Europeskate Music Tips – March 3rd 2011

Catching up with the latest out of the world of music and yeah, my world is pretty much just guitars, bass and drums with a good portion of loud vocals. So here you are,my picks for this evening:

1. Mayflower with “Second Best Sunsets”

I just found this band from upstate New York that mixes powerful melodies, strong guitars and that good portion of roughness that makes you want to shout with them.The solid full-length “Second Best Sunsets” is available from Kiss of Death Records and you can stream/download the release from the band’s Bandcamp page.

2. Thosandaires

This is when it is always cool to be looking into new bands and their record labels as you a will most likely find another great band at the same label. And this is how I stumbled across the Thosandaires who are sadly calling it quits but not before the go on that last famous tour. The final US show is this Saturday, March 5th 2011 and then they are off to Europe with their final concert date – where else – in my great town of Hamburg, Germany!Check the dates before and listen in as well…

3/5/11 LAST US SHOW at the Hi-Five in Ridgewood. w/ Fellow Project and Spraynard
3/17/11 Berlin, Germany w/ Cara Beth of Witches,
3/18/11 Somewhere in Germany
3/19/11 Freiburg, Germany, w/ The Hirsch Effekt , Themes of Laura
3/20/11 Paris, France : Paye Ton Fest w/ Every Second Week, Unlogistic, Hostage Calm, Daylight, Basement, Caves, + more
3/21/11 Brighton, UK w/ Pacer, Calvinball
3/22/11 Manchester, UK w/ The 255s, Zapiain, Cynics
3/23/11 Leamington Spa, UK w/ Calvinball, The Amistad
3/24/11 London, UK w/ Calvinball
3/25/11 Köln, Germany w/ Dan Webb and the Spiders
3/26/11 Hamburg, Germany w/ the Town of Machine

3. Man The Change

Another band I just found through the fantastic site, listen in yourself. Pretty catchy guitars, good vocals andI’m getting too lazy to write *hehe*. Here’s the link to the latest release “Weather The Storm”!

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