New Kids On The Block skate contest in Berlin December 1st

New Kids On The Block skateboard contest

The Berlin SKatepark will be hosting a special contest in collaboration with radio Skateboards and the Berlin Skateboard Club December 1st, the 2nd “New Kids On The Block” contest. So what’s it all about? Young skaters under 14 years of age get some contest experience and the winner joins the skatepark’s team for an entire year! Find out what the plans are for the contest right here…

The idea behind it is to really push the support for younger skaters who sometimes need extra help to bring up the courage to show what they can do on a board in front of a crowd of people. The motto behind the contest is “The Big Ones for the Small Ones” which will see voluntary pro skaters and a professional group of judges supporting the young skaters and the contest itself. Already part of the party are the european champion Jürgen Horrwarth, Florian Bodenhammer, Mack McKelton, Lenni Burmeister, the Radio Skateboards team and many more.

The goal is to raise awareness in the public for younger skaters. Loads of sponsors have already pledged their support so if you are a young skater and want to get involved, maybe your parents want to do a city trip to the lovely city of Berlin in Germany!

Here’s how to find the skatepark:

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