New look, new skate parks, new attitude

Lots of things are changing once again around Europeskate. We are going form a three to two column layout to be able to show the information in a slicker fashion than before possible. The skatepark mapping system will be receiving a huge reload to get the number of parks and spots around Europe to over 100.

The backend programming is receiving an upgrade to be able to get this system straight into the search engines so that even more skateboarders find and use this site. To be honest, I’ve had my fingers in other pies the last few months and it has been worth the effort (check out Give Earth a Hand) to help support non-profit organisations doing good for our planet…but that’s something I’ll get into later. Feel free to check out the site and help out!

So things are moving again here. Please send in your news and spot tips and help build up Europeskate!

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