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J. Namdev Hardisty put together this great book “New Skateboard Graphics” which gives us a look at all the newer graphics happening right now. Well thought-out, very diverse, and no bias to certain brands. there’s more than a dozen interviews with Jamie Thomas of Zero/Black Box distribution, Mark Nardelli of 5Boro, Kelly D. Williams, Winston Tseng of enjoi, Michael Sieben, Jahmal Williams, etc.

Skateboarding grew from a Southern California hobby born out of surfing to a nationwide trend, and has since developed into a visual style. While the bottoms of skateboards have always been adorned with graphics, back in the day only a handful of skateboard manufacturers existed. Today, vast amounts of visuals are created for skateboards, with more than 40 major brands in the market. Because of how the sport has grown, however, many of these graphics are used for only a season, and then are forgotten about – until now. From spreads of full-board designs to detailed crops of patterns and graphics, New Skateboard Graphics features the best, most innovative work going on today. Interviews with designers and creators of major brands help elucidate this colorful phenomenon.

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