New Super 8 video footage from Phil – Aul Blog

New Super 8 video footage from Phil - Aul Blog

I hooked up with Phil a while back after he kindly sent me his amazing video “No Use” which is in my eyes more a piece of art than “just” a video. Built up completely out of Super 8 footage with many parts with colored and drawn overlays, he uses this different approach of filming and mixes it with his good video skills to create something really different than other skate videos.

So I was too lazy to put up the review but now he informed me that he has been filming for the next video and he’s been getting around: Nick Jensen in London, Conhuir Lynn & Denis Lynn in Belfast, Danny Wainwright in Bristol, Al Collins, Wayne Gallagher & Paddy Clear in Dublin, Janne Saario in Helsinki, Per Magnusson in Malmo, Love Eneroth in Stockholm – if you know some of your European skaters, then you know he has some good skating on his camera. And to prove it he has put up a video clip. Remember this guy – his footage is amazing! Keep it up Phil and thanks for “kicking” me with your reminder emails – the people have to see your work!

Keep up-to-date with Phil’s work on his blog

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