New Truck Company – Theeve Titanium Trucks

New Truck Company - Theeve Titanium Trucks

Well, we can’t actually call Theeve Trucks new as they have been around for two and a half years already designing new trucks which can match the pace of progression which skateboarding has taken on. And they sure are planning to try and take on the big skateboard truck companies with their titanium designs which as a material weighs in approx. 40% lighter than steel. Looking forward to testing some of these in the near future – check out what they have to say about their trucks:

“With the unique Titanium alloy blend used in the casting process combined with the 6/4 Aerospace Titanium axle, you get less chance of axle bend and a 40% weight saving over traditional steel axles. Add to this the fact all Theeve trucks come standard with Bones Hardcore Bushings you get probably the ultimate skateboard truck ever made.”

» visit the Theeve Truck website and check out the load testing data!

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