New Tweaker Zine out now after the 2009 summer break

After a summer break which everyone deserves Tweaker Zine is back with a new online issue yet again packed to the top with good reading and photography. Here’s what you can expect:

* Bingo talks to Cleveland Bod about his graphic design work in the skateboard industry.
* Gonella goes in search of beer drinkers and Nuclear power stations and covers what’s going down in Portmouth.
* Whitehead hangs out with Kenny Reed.
* French, Stu and Gilligan head out to the Paciffic Northwest of the good ol’ USA.
* Dave Turner captures alot of randomised and sequential action.
* Percy Dean tells it how it is.
* We look at Tosh Zayha body of work.
* Metrosexuals at mile end.
* Burrell and Co hit Paris, France.
* We check out whats going down in Moscow.
* The History of Hip Hop through the medium of skateboarding gets a lookin.
* Take a peek at the trailer for Project One – a short skate film.
* And Last but not least we have coverage of the latest Cape Farewell trip to the Amazon in South America.

Click on the Tweaker Zine cover below to get some reading in…

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