Nike SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010 Video

Nike SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010 Video

20 years later the Belco Bowl in Australia is still standing strong and another great bowl contest took place February 27th, 2010 – watch some of the action in the video after the jump!

Great looking bowl and a huge crowd pushing some even madder skating – what an event!

Lord of the Bowl – Nathan “Jimmy” Beck
Longest Grind / Slide – Lance Mountain
Best Local – Joelholio Webb
Best trick over the Shifty’s Creature Feature – Andrew Currie back smith
Best Slam – Kiernan Ironfield
Best Run – Arrgh Jay Barbaro

I found the video over on Slam Skateboard Magazine’s site and after reading a comment from one dude about skaters wearing pads being gay, I had to comment because that is just plain stupid. Funnily enough, Lance Mountain (or someone saying they are Lance :)) commented as well. We have the same opinion *hehe*

» Check out more pictures from the event right here!

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