Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 2.5 February 2010 Quickstrike

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 2.5 February 2010 Quickstrike

Looking for a new pair of shoes? These Nikes are looking quite nice to me…

There are enough so-called “skateboard shoes” out their which in my opinion look as if somebody found a box of old shoe parts and glued them together, then market them as the next new and big hype asking us consumers to pay way too much of out money to be looking basically pretty stupid.

Now this pair of shoes from Nike SB – the February 2010 colorline for the Paul Rodriguez 2.5 – are looking quite cool. The gray and the light blue are balanced nicely and the ever so small touch of red is subtle yet does the duty for the marketers and brand lovers. Thumbs up from me – now can anybody at Nike SB finally get in contact *hehe*? I want to test ride your shoes for our readers!!!

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