NIKE SB rider Kilian Zehnder at the Nike SB Shelter Berlin

Finally doing what I promised to do and sticking to European skateboarding news on the site. The Berlin skatepark recently had it’s indoor street park area completely rebuilt with the help of Nike SB which has promptly renamed the skatepark as well into the Nike SB Shelter. Yeah, big brands are everywhere and this sort of looks like what happens in football/soccer with the stadium names. One day you’ll be going to watch a game in the Big Chicken Conglomerates Stadium and in the next week your favorite team is playing at the Starfucks Hot Chocolate Stadium.

Well, so be it – the park did actually turn out to look damn nice with the help from California Skateparks who are the builders of The Berrics and the Street League Contest series parks so they do know what they are doing. The result is a concrete playground combining ledges, gaps, hubbas, rails, banks and transitions in a variety of sizes which will tailor to the needs and skills of skaters visiting.

NIKE SB rider Kilian Zehnder from Zurich,Switzerland came over for a few night sessions in the Nike SB Shelter Berlin. And I’m sure some footage from last night’s demo with the Nike SB international team will be turning up soon.

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