NIXON Happy F*kng Trip Sicily

This video clip from Nixon entitled “Happy F*kng Trip Sicily” has been finding it’s way through the web world in the past few days and after I finally got around to watching it this morning, this was destined to be posted on the site

Nixon presented the first edition of the “Happy F*KNG Trip” last year and once more, 6 Nixon’s European riders took off to hit the road together – the destination was the beautiful island of Sicily deep down south in the Italian peninsula.

The team was made up from Alain Goikoetxea, JB Gillet, Alex Mizurov, Antony Lopez, Javier Sarmiento and the German rookie Denny Pham and it didn’t take much time for them to find out quickly that Sicily has got much more to offer than beautiful landscapes. Tag along as they explore the island and it’s hidden skateable gems.

Filming by Julio Sola:

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