NOFX – new record Coaster out April 28th

NOFX - Coaster new album

NOFX has been putting out their punk/pop/whatever you want to call for around 25 years now and I can only say that I gre up with it and it still makes me want to move and enjoy life. With the eleventh album coming out April 28th, 2009 they stay true to what makes NOFX and I have to stay, it’s still fucking good! Here are the twelve tracks and currently you can listen to the complete album streaming on Myspace so click here and enjoy!

1: We Called It America
2: The Quitter
3: First Call
4: My Orphan Year
5: Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6: Creeping Out Sara
7: Eddie, Bruce and Paul
8: Best God In Show
9: Suits and Ladders
10: The Agony of Victory
11: I Am an Alcoholic
12: One Million Coasters

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