Lakai Getting Nordical 2010 Tour Video

Lakai Footwear got together some team members (Lucas Puig, Vincent Alvarez, JB Gillet, Jesus Fernandez, Danny Brady, Brian Londono, Sylvain Tognelli and Raven Tershy) and headed over to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland from July 30th till August 8th. Crowds formed, parks and spots were ripped and Federico Vitetta put this piece of history on […]

11th Annual Channel Session in Horten, Norway

The 11th Annual Channel Session skateboard contest will be taking place August 22nd – 23rd 2009 in Horten, Norway together with Quiksilver Bowlriders. The combination of Bowlriders & Channel-Session represents a hot ticket and the event is already rated as a favourite among both skateboarders and audiences. Channel-Session manager, Mr Gunnar Løge is superstoked: “This […]