Oakley Vert Series 2010 – Battle at the Bay footage

Oakley Vert Series 2010 - Battle at the Bay footage

I realized that I’ve been slacking heavily on my vert skills lately – I haven’t hit the vert ramp for over a month! And then on top of that I miss out on posting the news and footage from the Oakley Vert Series 2010 which just kicked off in Great Britain. Time to get my stuff together – dive in to catch up with me on the madness that went down this past weekend with the so strong vert riders representing Great Britain (and the mad Finn dude thrown in there as well…) – it’s getting quite insane!

A-Group contest featuring Trevor Johnson, Oakley Lidell, Pete Dossett, Sam Bosworth, Alex Halford, Sam Beckett, Jussi Korhonen, Jake Anderson, and the man-from-another-dimension Andy Scott.

B-Group contest featuring Lois Pendlebury, Sam Bruce, Nick Hansen, Matty Carlisle, Cory Lawson, Manhead, James Threlfall, Zac Kutz, Joe Atkins, Reece Johnson and Stuart Sinclaire.

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