Oerend Hard 2007 Old School Contest in Holland – August 4/5

Oerend Skatepark

I found out about this old school contest through Subvert Skateboards and got in contact with the organizers. Peter Valkema from the Dutch Skateboard Association was quite cool and sent me all the infos really quickly.

The contest is being held at a skatepark which was built back in 1979(!!). There are two downhill runs: one with sloped banks and either side and the famous snakerun. Six different events will be held including snakerun speed, snakerun boardercross (this sounds pretty evil, pushing other skaters off on concrete? Yeah, kick ass!!) and jumpramp.

The whole competion will be happening August 4/5 in the Oerend Hard skatepark in Huelsbeek, Holland. It is located in a recreational area with the possibilty to go swimming and camping. Sounds like a great place to be if you can make it!

To get more information, check out the website (which should be updated soon for this year’s contest): www.oerendhard.net

[gmap name=’Oerend’ lat=’52.469397′ lng=’5.509644′ width=’680′ zoom=’9′ desc=’Oerend Skatepark’]

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